Server Events

Below are a list of events and challenges on the Mines of Code Minecraft server. Events are server-wide competitions that yield rewards when completed. Complete events are colored green with the player names of those who earned the reward. New events and challenges are always being added, so check back here often. If you have an idea for a future event, please contact the staff though a support ticket, or through the contact form.

Scavenger Hunt

The Admin Prize Scavenger Hunt is an on-going scavenger hunt to find chests containing books signed by Hikkary named "Season # Book #" By showing these books to any server Administrator, you can claim the prize(s) associated with these chests. Depending on the number of the chest (1-4), you will receive a different valued prize (one being the most valuable) I’ve you found the full Season, you will get an extra reward.

Number Status Clues
1 Not Found Somewhere in a mountain.
2 Found by DuckyLeQuack Taking a warm bath?
3 Not Found This tree doesn’t belong here!
4 Not Found The back is way prettier :)

Building Contest

The Building Contest is an event where players are given a theme to explore and show their creativity. Contestants need to sign up in advance to be able to participate. The theme will be mentioned on the server as on the application form. The winner is the one with the most votes from their opponents. Sign up here!

Season 2's theme is "Mysterious Mineshaft." Get to building before the end of the month and enter your build in the contest!


Milestone events are in-game challenges that require you to play the through Minecraft to complete them. Additional milestones will be added soon!

The Secret

Only the real ones know what to say, but who will be first?

Wot in Pasteurization

Leash a cow outside of Kfincher's house in-game.

The Light of My Life

The first player to obtain a Beacon wins this event.

At Least You Tried

The first player to reach 25 deaths wins this event.

You're Mine Now!

The first player to trap Delta249er in-game wins this event.

Father Gandhi

The first player to create a full set of light grey dyed leather armor wins this event.

Wizard Engineer

The first player to obtain an Efficiency V diamond pickaxe wins this event.

Dragon Slayer

The first player who slays the Ender Dragon wins this event.

The Chicken Egg

The first player who finds a chicken egg wins this event.

Pro Farmer

The first player who finds a crafts an Diamond Hoe wins this event.